The Dobco DICOM Router is a powerful, CE-certified communication Server that effectively routes DICOM objects and allows for efficient communication between various DICOM systems.

A number of fields of application where the DICOM Router is used:

  • Secure transmission of DICOM images over the Internet between institutions, using TLS encryption without the need for a VPN tunnel.
  • The resolution of connection problems between DICOM modes, such as the adjustment of the transfer syntax or increasing the transmission speed.
  • The automatic adjustment of DICOM tags for a specific route (dynamic tag morphing), possibly based on an external source via scripting.
  • The planned transfer of images according to a specific time schedule.
  • Routing images towards another PACS in the case of a failure or maintenance of the primary PACS system.

The Dobco DICOM Router boasts a comprehensive set of features, such as compression setting, DICOM Storage Commitment and intelligent routing.