PACSonWEB Homereading provides a radiologist with a simple way of producing a (provisional) study report outside the walls of a hospital as a result of using speech recognition. No complicated VPN or Citrix implementations are required, no remote PACS or RIS client installations and the physician can simply use his own Smartphone to dictate a report via speech recognition, while examining the images on a computer or tablet.

Images and reports are always linked in real time and the text being dictated is displayed simultaneously on a screen. This unique innovation allows a physician the opportunity, while on call, for example, to dictate a report anywhere and at any time, simply by using a browser and Smartphone. The report is then integrated into his customary workflow in the hospital, in the form of a provisional report that has to be validated, for example. This system enables physicians to save time, facilitates specialisation during hours on call and ensures more flexible schedule planning for radiologists.

How does it work?
1. The radiologist uses an account to access the medical imaging studies.
2. An app on the radiologist's Smartphone enables his account to be connected so he can dictate a (provisional) report on each study, using real-time speech recognition on the Smartphone.
3. The report is made available to the referring physician and is integrated into the customary medical imaging workflow.
4. In the case of a provisional report, the radiologist validates his report during his usual workflow in the hospital.