Boost your service for patients and improve your workflow by allowing them to consult their medical imaging results through the PACSonWEB patient portal. Both images and reports may be accessed. This provides patients with the opportunity to consult their studies or share them easily with other institutions, physicians or other health professionals. The PACSonWEB is a secure portal where patients can login and check up on their studies. As well avoiding the need for studies to be needlessly repeated, this facility ensures a smoother workflow in the radiology department, thus saving time and the expense of purchasing standard media, such as CDs, DVDs or X-ray films.

How does it work? 3 simple steps:
1. Prior to or subsequent to a study, the patient is issued with a reference number on paper or via an e-mail.
2. Subsequent to the study the patient can use a combination of codes to consult the images (and report, if so required): reference number, date of birth and an optional one-time password automatically sent by e-mail or a text message.
3. The patient may consult the study and also has the opportunity to allow a healthcare professional to access the images and report.