* RISonWEB is only available in Belgium

With RISonWEB optimize the complete clinical and administrative workflow within radiology. Productivity and efficiency are increased, from patient registration to the final reporting and handling of each case.

* RISonWEB is only available in Belgium


The user interface is 100% HTML5 web-based. The user can access the RIS on every PC, tablet or smartphone using the browser. Because of this, there are no limits on the number of computers on which the RIS is accessible and upgrades are simply reduced to upgrading the (web)server.
Flexible workflow-engine
The workflow for the secretary, the nurses and the radiologist are supported in an intelligent way. Worklists are drawn up through multiple statuses, on/off labels and filtering, which allows the user to see the most important information immediately; for example the (scanned) orders and the indication of any patient allergies.
RISonWEB works according to the File card principle: in the RIS, multiple different pages can be opened, so the user can work with different pages and multiple reports at the same time. Every user can see their favorite pages and the pages they have open in the taskbar.
Voice recognition
Using integrated voice recognition, radiologists can create standard reports, and the images of the study are displayed automatically. The radiologist can validate the report or send it to a secretary for correction. The voice recognition function is self-learning, can be done on either the client or the server, and new words can be added easily.
Mammography screening
In RISonWEB a radiologist can do a first or second reading of a mammography screening. Structured reports are linked to a specific procedure, of which the final results can be sent through an integration.
External availability
Because of its web-based character, RISonWEB can be accessed outside the walls of the hospital. Through an HTTPS connection, the user has access to the complete functionality of the RIS, including reporting.
Nurses who want to consult the worklist, or radiologists who want to see the scanned order before doing an ultrasound, can easily do so on a tablet. PACSonWEB is easily accessible through the browser on an IPad, Android tablet, Surface tablet, etc.
Business intelligence
RISonWEB has a powerful reporting-engine which not only allows the user to generate a large number of standard reports, but also allows the user to make their own reports.


Front-end interface
RISonWEB is 100% webbased, which makes it easily accessable in a browser, with the correct authentication of the user. The communication uses https for external access. For local front-end integrations or to arrange local peripheral devices, the RIS communicates with a daemon that communicates with the server.
The HL7 interfaces to other information systems, the DICOM worklist, and the export of invoicing files, are customized to the hospital through a comprehensive interface, implemented through the RISonWEB communication server.
Back-end interface
The back-end environment consists of three major components: the webserver, the communication server and the database. These components are each scalable of several (virtual) servers and can easily be made redundant, allowing the environment to be scaled for small medical imaging departments on one server as well as large hospitals on multiple servers. The environment integrates easily with the existing infrastructure of the hospital and its IT policies, and can also be equipped with one single testserver on which the whole configuration can be tested.

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